Fiberglass Materials

Made to protect. Built to reinforce.

Experience in Multiple Industries

Exclusive solutions. High efficiency.
Industrial Production
  • √ Welding & Soldering
  • √ Fire protective clothing
  • √ Packaging
  • √ Filtration
  • √ Mosaic carrier
  • √ Wall corner protector
  • √ Marble slab reinforcement
  • √ External plaster reinforcement
  • √ Internal plaster reinforcement
Petrochemical Industry
  • √ Aluminum industry
  • √ Fire-water systems
  • √ Piping and chemical lines
Shipping Industry
  • √ Ship-frame repair
  • √ Ship-frame structure
  • √ Decks reinforcement
  • √ Boat hulls reinforcement
  • √ Vapor barriers
Water System
  • √ Reservoir
  • √ Drainage Channels
  • √ Disposal of sewage
  • √ Truck body panel reinforcement
  • √ Boats, planes and automotive parts

You May Need A Hand

Choosing fibreglass products will no longer give you a headache. Our dedicated engineers are skilled at answering all questions about fiberglass technology and use.
How We Strengthen
Its Properties
Based on your actual project, our special finishes of fiberglass are ready to fit your needs. Silicone, vermiculite, aluminum, Teflon, neoprene, acrylic acid, PU, PVC etc. are available to be coated on the fiberglass. Thus, the fiberglass gains higher performance on physical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical properties.
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Quality Is
Our No.1 Goal
We are proud to say that 90% of our staff have over 10 years experience in this field. The continuous investment in the machines allows the better technology and quality. Hence, the superior fiberglass products are made based on our professional people, and smart machines.
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