Quality Is Our First Concern

No matter how complex your project is, we must give the final product the desired properties.
Tensile Testing of Fiberglass
Fiberglass cloth is a new composite material which has great mechanical properties. For example, it has a much better performance of tensile strength than steel wire based on the same diameter. In the test, materials should withstand forces. Our researchers may keep measuring the changes in length while adding weight until it stretches and breaks.
Test of Flame Retardancy
As a high-temperature material, they protect people and equipment from the burst of fire. We must ensure its safety to human and the appointed properties. Initially, the non-coated fiberglass is fire-resistance. Then, the different kinds of coated fiberglass come with different fire-proof abilities.

One Process. Different Products

At Blue Diamond, fiberglass products are engineered to the extreme.
Wire Drawing
Firstly, it is a fiberizing process. The heating glass is drawn into fiberglass which finally looks like the normal fiber.
Yarn Winding
The yarn will be wrapped onto a bobbin or reel by the winder machine.
Based on your needs, the appointed number of single yarn ends will be wound with tension paralleling on the warp or section beam.
The weaving machines interlace the fiberglass yarns to fabric structure based on the weave pattern. But, the mesh is made by braiding.
The fiberglass cloth is coated with various chemical substances for your special needs on its properties.
The final products will be dried and rolled for storage or delivery. When they are ready to ship, they are packaged in the carton and palletized.