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October 24, 2023

Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh

Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh Fiberglass mesh has become a vital component in the ever-evolving construction industry, particularly in External Insulation Systems (EIFS). While chatting with our Turkish […]
October 24, 2023

Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape

Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape How was your weekend? It’s a new week, and we’re preparing for customer orders, this time it’s self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape. We […]
January 2, 2019

Fiberglass cloth production procedure

(1) High quality glass ball material 2) Drawing yarn 3) Twisting 4) Warping 5) Weaving 6) Heat Treatment 7) Composite material Blue Diamond can supply high […]
December 24, 2018

Normal specification of Fire blanket

Specifications:  Material: Fiberglass cloth Temperature: Isolates high temperatures up to 1100℉ or 550℃ Size (length*width) : 39.3×39.3 Inches(1*1m), 47.2×47.2 Inches(1.2*1.2m), 59×59 Inches(1.5*1.5m), 47.2×70.9 Inches(1.2*1.8m), 70.9×70.9 Inches(1.8*1.8m), […]