Chemical Resistance
Fire Resistance
Electrical Insulation
Product Flexibility
Environmental Health
Fiberglass Cloth
Fiberglass cloth is a prime elementary material made of the best fiberglass yarn in China. Basically, it has excellent chemical and fire resistant for high-temperature insulation and containment.
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Fire Blanket
A fire blanket can be used in the kitchen or as a fireproof protective body wrap to shield you from a fire and aid your safe escape. This is doubly useful in confined high-risk areas such as boats, caravans, cars, and motor-homes.
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PVC Coated Fiberglass Cloth
PVC coated fiberglass cloth is made with the basal material of high-temperature resistant fiberglass fabric and PVC by follow processing. It is a compound material with high quality of performance.
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Welding Blankets
Bluetex welding blankets are woven from textured or non-textured fiberglass yarns. Welding blankets can protect goods to keep away from the fire to drastically insulate bumping.
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Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Cloth
Vermiculite coated fiberglass cloth can improve abrasion resistance, which acts as armor to the fiberglass, providing better resistance to direct flame. Increase the service temperature for the grey cloth!
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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth
PTFE coated fiberglass consist of satin weave fiberglass cloth, which has been coated with PTFE.   Features: non-adhesive surface, anti-pollution, anti-acid
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Silicone Coated Fiberglass Cloth
Silicone coated fiberglass cloth is a fiberglass base fabric which has been coated or impregnated with our specially formulated silicone rubber compound. Feature: thermal insulation, fireproofing, oil resistance.
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High Silica Fiberglass Cloth
High silica fiberglass cloth has more than 96% silica with excellent break strength improved abrasion resistance.
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PU Coated Fiberglass Cloth
PU coated fiberglass cloth can withstand temperature up to 1800℃ for short brust. It has very good abrasion resistance and good resistance to oils and solvents. Blue Diamond can provide one-sided and double-sided polyurethane coated fiberglass cloth with many colors and widths.
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Neoprene Coated Fiberglass Cloth
Neoprene Coated fiberglass cloth uses high-temperature resistant fiberglass cloth as basic fabric, then coated with neoprene. Features: Good machinery tensile strength, Resist ozone and aging, Fireproof and flame resistant, Resist chemical erode, Good capability of oil resistant, Can be stick on many basic materials.
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Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Cloth
Acrylic coated fiberglass cloth uses high-temperature resistant fiberglass cloth as basic fabric, then coated with acrylic on both sides. Feature: abrasion resistant, easy to cut, anti-adhesive and allergen resistant.
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Aluminum Foil/Film Laminated Fiberglass Cloth
Aluminum foil/film laminated fiberglass cloth are made of fiberglass cloth laminated aluminum foil or film on one side, which can increase the thermal radiation performance and have a smooth surface. Feature: high strength, sealing insulation, gas-proof, water-proof and good luminous reflectance.  
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Fiberglass Insulating Sleeve
PVC fiberglass sleeve is fiberglass sleeve coated with PVC resin, with very good flexibility and dielectric features, it is widely used as insulating and protection material for motor electric appliance.
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