Products Features

Acrylic coated fiberglass cloth uses high-temperature resistant fiberglass cloth as basic fabric, then coated with acrylic on both sides. Feature: abrasion resistant, easy to cut, anti-adhesive and allergen resistant.
  • 1. Fire blankets, fire curtains and smoke curtains
  • 2. Welding blankets, curtains etc.
  • 3. Heat preservation and used in the production of heat insulation glove
  • 4. Equipment protection of high temperature and corrosion
Product Specifications
Fiberglass Cloth Properties
1 Total weight 610g/m2
2 Thickness 0.60mm
3 Coating ways Acrylic coating on both sides
4 Fire resistance Class A certificated (ASTM E84-12)
5 Color Green
6 Working Temperature 550
7 Standard width 1000mm, 1300mm, 1550mm


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