Products Features

Neoprene Coated fiberglass cloth uses high-temperature resistant fiberglass cloth as basic fabric, then coated with neoprene. Features: Good machinery tensile strength, Resist ozone and aging, Fireproof and flame resistant, Resist chemical erode, Good capability of oil resistant, Can be stick on many basic materials.
  • It is widely used to make oil resistant sealing component and it is always used as lay material on workbench and floor which in oil environment. In electronic or aging locale used as oil resistant material.
Product Specifications
Fiberglass Cloth Properties
1 Thickness 0.1-1.5mm
2 Width 100cm, 120cm, 150mm, etc
3 Color Black, yellow, green, blue and etc.
4 Coating waays Single-side, double-side coated
5 Weight 130g/m2 – 1700g/m2
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